Estate Planning
Estate planning is getting your affairs in order.  This may involve
wills, trusts, life insurance, retirement planning, changing
investments, business continuity (buy-sell agreement),  gifting,
anticipating taxes, protecting family members, and many other

In most instances, we meet with you, gather your family information,
discuss various options, prepare wills, powers of attorney, and
durable health care powers of attorney and health care treatment
instructions(living wills).  Revocable or living trusts may be

The will specifies how your household goods, cars, personal
property, investments, real estate, and other assets you own will
pass after your death.  In your will, you name an executor, who is
responsible for seeing that your wishes are carried out.  If you have
young children, you will appoint a guardian for them, create a trust
to fund their upkeep and education, and name a trustee to oversee  
ing and spending of the trust funds.  

A power of attorney names an agent to handle your affairs during your life if, for instance,
you are disabled or are traveling.  Most powers of attorney may be used immediately after
they are signed.  The powers granted to the agent can include:
Signing contracts

Handling investments

Selling or buying personal property

Selling or buying real property

Dealing with insurance matters

Borrowing money
Handling checking, savings, and other
bank accounts

Filing or defending lawsuits

Signing tax returns

Making gifts

Numerous other acts
A durable health care power of attorney with health care treatment instructions
(living will)
allows your agent to deal with medical care providers in the event you are
unable to do so yourself and  instructs your physician on the type of medical care you want
to receive in the event you are unable to participate in the medical decision.  Health care
treatment instructions are followed when the treatment serves only to prolong the process of
dying, if you are in terminal condition or in a state of permanent unconsciousness.  In the
health care treatment instructions, you may name another person to make medical treatment
decisions for you.
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